The Catching Up Theme Song History

Since the beginning of this show we have always sort of just seen this as a phone conversation between two friends. In the very beginning it felt odd to have any sort of theme music and we launched the show with a Skype-sounding ring.

In 2015, Mike threw together a theme song for the show that had an instrumental version of Daft Punk's GET LUCKY under a few audio clips of the two hosts.

At the end of 2015, Mike surprised Joe by hiring a few amateur jingle-makers to make a potential new theme song for the show. Each of them had their strengths...and all of them had some weaknesses.

And then in 2016 we hired the very talented Rich Green from the Flat 29 podcast to record a more creative version of a theme song. Joe wrote lyrics and Rich wrote and recorded the music.

As part of our 5 year/200 episode celebration in January of 2018, friend-of-the-show Alex Lefevre sat down at a piano and turned Rich Green's catchy theme song into a beautiful piece. We turned that into an outro played at the end of each episode (with a voice over from Auntie Vera from the Vera Speaks Podcast).