Episode 165: Post-Election Special

Joe and Mike normally record on Wednesdays but don't release the episodes until the following Monday. Today is the day after the presidential election and we worry that the tone of this episode may not play well next week, so we are releasing it now.

As Joe points out, it's also a nice way of sort of isolating our thoughts into this one episode. If you don't have the stomach to talk politics for another hour, or if you aren't in the right headspace, skip this one. We won't be mad.

Come catch up with Mike and Joe on this week's episode of the Catching Up Podcast.

Catching up is a weekly podcast. (Every. Single. Week.) One host named Mike Lawson lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and the other named Joe Betance lives in L.A. The two have been friends for over a decade and each week they call one another and catch up.

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Michael Lawson